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After a loved one passes, most people choose between burial or cremation when deciding what to do with their remains. Cremation and placing ashes into cremation urns are common choices in New Zealand. However, many people don’t know much about these things. 

Saying farewell to a family member is never easy, and you deserve all the answers to your questions as you go through the grieving process.

Understanding what happens during cremation can help you find peace with what will happen to your loved one’s remains.

Details About Cremation That Everyone Should Know

Cremation is where your loved one’s body is placed into a casket, transported to the cremator furnace, and the cremation process takes place. You can choose the casket that your family member is placed in. The casket will be cremated at high temperatures, usually around 760 to 1150 degrees Celsius, for ninety minutes to two hours. 

After this is concluded, dry bone fragments are removed from the ashes and processed by a machine called a cremulator. This turns the larger fragments into what we know as cremated remains or ‘cremains.’ Any metal is removed from the rest of the cremains, and then the cremation is complete. Then, the cremains are ready to be transported to the urns of your choice. 

You should know that:

You Can Choose The Urn Your Loved One’s Ashes Will Be Placed In. These vessels come in many different materials, sizes and looks. Therefore, you can choose one that speaks to who your lost family member was as a person. You can select one that’s a material, style or colour that they loved.

Even if you plan on scattering or burying their ashes, having them placed in a container that genuinely represents them can be truly special for them and the rest of your friends and family. Urns can be ceramic, marble, glass, stone, wood, metal and more.

There Are Sustainable Options, If Eco-Friendliness Is Something Your Loved One Valued. In recent years, more and more New Zealanders have become interested in biodegradable, eco-friendly burial options. Choosing a biodegradable urn can be a wonderful way to return your loved one to the earth. 

Consider speaking to your funeral home about the details of their biodegradable options so you can fully understand what will happen to your family member’s ashes if you choose this option. 

There May Be Special Options Regarding Your Urn. Some funeral homes offer special, customisable options for urns. A special service, like an engraving, can make their urn more personalised and unique.

Speak to your funeral home about what they can do to make your loved one’s urn special for them. 

What You Do With Your Loved One’s Urn And Ashes Is A Personal Choice. One very important thing that your entire family should understand is that what you do with your loved one’s urn and remains is a personal choice. There are no specific rules or regulations as to what you need to do. 

Even though scattering, burying or keeping the cremains are all popular and good choices, this doesn’t mean you have to choose between the three. You, your family and friends should discuss what you all think is the best thing to do with the ashes. 

A few wonderful options that many families choose when discussing their urns are:

● Burial. After your loved one’s remains are cremated, you can still choose to have their cremains buried.

● Scattering The Ashes. Many choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes at a site that meant a lot to them. This is a beautiful way to allow them to rest in an area that they loved in life, and it can give you and the rest of the family a place to visit and connect. Please remember that you may need to get permission if you are planning on scattering the ashes in a public place.

● Keeping The Urn. Many people choose to keep their family member’s ashes in their homes as a way to keep them close. 

● Splitting The Ashes. Some choose to divide the ashes into smaller urns or containers so that multiple family members can keep their lost loved ones near them.

● Transforming The Ashes Into Jewellery Or Special Items. Taking your loved one’s ashes and infusing them into jewellery or other keepsakes is a deeply personal way to keep them with you at all times. Their cremains can be put into pendants or other items, and you can take them with you as you continue in life. Doing this can symbolise how they are always with you, even if they’re no longer around. 

Where You Can Go If You Have Any Questions Regarding Cremation In New Zealand

You deserve patience, care and understanding during these hard times. At Bay Cremation Care, we’re prepared to support you in any way we can. We are here to answer any thoughts or questions at all that you have about what will happen to your departed family member. 

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