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A man calculating possible funeral costs in New Zealand

Funeral Costs New Zealand

No two funerals are exactly the same. The way you choose to commemorate your loved one depends on various factors, such as your religion, their interests and even their age. But these differing attributes also mean that funeral costs in New Zealand can vary significantly between services.

Here at Bay Cremation Care, we understand that worrying about costs is the last thing you want to have on your mind while grieving a loved one. That is why we are committed to offering affordable funeral services, including fixed-price farewells, designed to allow you to focus on arranging the perfect final farewell.

Fixed-Price Farewells

Our fixed-price farewells allow you to send off your loved one in a meaningful way without having to worry about how much your funeral will cost. We offer three different price tiers, all of which include a transfer of the deceased, provision of the casket, cremation, assistance with legal documentation and a return of the ashes to you and your family.

Assistance with Funeral Costs

The Bay Cremation Care team wants you to know that if you are struggling to afford funeral costs in New Zealand, there are assistance packages available to help, including:

  • Work and Income Funeral Grant ($2445.37)
  • Accident Compensation Corporation Accidental Death Grant ($7024.80)
  • Veterans’ Affairs Funeral Contribution

Reducing The Costs of a Funeral Service in Tauranga

We recommend that you start planning your own funeral early. This will allow you to start putting aside money to cover the funeral costs in New Zealand. That way, you can relieve your family’s stresses during a challenging time. You could set up a savings account or join the FDANZ Funeral Trust.

By beginning your planning from an early stage, you will have more time to consider all your options and make smarter financial decisions. For example, you could look for more economical venues, consider more inexpensive service times, select a more affordable casket or urn. 

Here at Bay Cremation Care, we’re dedicated to ensuring that cost is not a prohibitive factor when it comes to holding a suitable memorial service for your loved one. If you would like an estimate for a funeral service or to discuss planning one to fit your budget, please get in touch with our team.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

The average cost of a funeral in New Zealand can be as high as the tens of thousandsBut that does not mean that a more economical funeral is impossible. Numerous factors can affect the price of you or your loved one’s funeral, including the following:

  • Your choice of casket or urn
  • Costs of transporting the deceased
  • The type and amount of flowers
  • Any celebrant’s or musician’s fees
  • Religious requirements
  • Venue fees
  • Catering prices
  • The number of attendees present
  • And much more

Funeral Service Tauranga

An example of costs with Bay Cremation Care: Traditional Funeral Service from $5350.00 (incl GST) Memorial Service from $4575.00 (incl GST)