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Cremation services are very common in New Zealand, with most people choosing to be cremated after death.

Although it’s one of the most popular choices in Aotearoa, not many people know much about the process.

It’s very important that you, your friends and family of your lost loved one understand this process and the details surrounding it. Knowing more can help you feel closure about your loss.

What Everyone Should Know About Cremation

The cremation process involves your loved one’s body being placed in a chosen container, transported to a crematorium and then cremated. Then, your loved one’s ashes, also known as cremains, will be returned to you. 

Despite the fact that most people know what cremation services are, many people don’t understand what happens afterwards or what happens to the ashes that will be given to them. They may think that there are certain rules they must abide by for the process to be ‘correct.’ 

For example, you might wonder, do you have to scatter your loved one’s ashes or keep their urn in your home? Are there other options available to you?

Here are some things that everyone should understand about cremation:

You Can Still Have A Funeral. Some people associate burials with funerals and cremation with keeping an urn in your home. But just because you have your loved one cremated does not mean you can’t have a funeral. Cremation does not limit your funeral options.

You can still have a funeral or a memorial service to remember and honour your loved one, even if you choose cremation services over burial. You can even decide to bury your lost family member’s ashes. 

You should always do what’s right for your loved one, your friends and your family to meet everyone’s emotional needs.

You Can Plan Your Own Cremation. One of the hardest things to do after losing a loved one is planning their funeral and what happens to their body. So, you can actually lift this weight off your family’s shoulders by pre-planning your cremation yourself. 

This can involve choosing what you are cremated in, choosing your urn and even choosing the music that plays during your memorial service. Having these decisions made before you pass away can really help your family members because they can simply focus on saying goodbye to you without worrying about making the right choices themselves. 

Cremation Services Are Often More Affordable Than Burial Services. Cremation is often the more affordable choice. At Bay Cremation Care, we deeply care about our clients, and we offer some of the most affordable cremation options in Tauranga.

If you are concerned about the financial side of your funeral choices, we’re here to discuss your options. Our team can help you decide the best options for your family. 

You Can Choose The Casket And Urn. You can choose the container your loved one is cremated in and the urn their ashes are placed into. Urns are available in various materials, and we encourage you to select one that fits your situation best. 

Urns can be ceramic, marble, glass, stone, wood or metal and can even be made of biodegradable materials. 

Cremation Services Are More Eco-Friendly Than Burials. Burials involve using more materials and resources than cremation, so choosing cremation is eco-friendly. If your loved one valued the environment and preferred environmentally friendly choices, then cremation may be the ideal choice. 

Choosing What To Do With Your Family Member’s Ashes Is A Deeply Personal Choice. We often hear of ashes being kept or scattered after cremation. But you should know that these are not your only two options, and you don’t need to do either if neither is right for you and your family.

What you do with your loved one’s ashes is a deeply personal choice, and you should do what’s best for your situation. You don’t have to abide by certain rules when you choose how you honour your loved one. 

A few things you can do with your family member’s ashes are:

● Keep Their Urn. Keeping your loved one’s urn at home is a popular choice because it’s a way to keep them close. 

● Divide Their Ashes. You can also divide their ashes into smaller containers so many family members and friends can stay near them.

● Scatter Their Ashes. Many choose to lovingly scatter their family member’s ashes in spaces that were special to them. You could choose their favourite beach, a spot that meant a lot to them and so on. Please remember that if you are scattering ashes in a public place, you should ask for permission before you do.

● Bury Their Ashes. You can still have a burial service for your loved one’s ashes, even if you choose cremation services. 

● Turn Their Ashes Into Jewellery Or Special Items. Creating jewellery or items is a way for people to honour their loved ones. Turning ashes into items that you can always keep with you is a unique way to remember them.

How To Learn More About Cremation In New Zealand

If you have any more questions or are wondering about services in your area, we welcome you to speak to us at Bay Cremation Care. We provide affordable funeral services that help people honour their lost family members with dignity and care.

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