Helping families and friends honour their loved one

Fixed Price Farewell Packages available

What do the people living in our beautiful area say about funeral costs?

  • Why do funerals cost so much – what do we get for our money?”
  • Can’t I just be cremated without all the fuss?
  • We can’t afford a big funeral!

These and other similar remarks are what we have heard over the years and so have decided to do something about it.

Bay Cremation Care does just what it says. We are a proudly Tauranga owned and operated Funeral Company aimed at low-cost, professional, cremation services. The people behind Bay Cremation Care are all fully qualified Funeral Directors, Embalmers and Members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).

  • We are on your side
  • We care for you and your budget
  • No need to pay huge sums of money for a loved one’s funeral – we cut costs, not service
  • You and your loved one will looked after by caring and qualified professionals

Bay Cremation Care complete the same tasks as any funeral home, we:

  • Transport the deceased from the place of death to the Funeral Home
  • Offer a choice of either burial or cremation
  • Offer embalming by qualified and registered embalmers
  • Provide a 24 hour service
  • Provide a hearse to transport the deceased to the funeral
  • Organise legal paperwork
  • Offer a range of caskets
  • Facilitate viewing of the deceased
  • Place funeral notices
  • Arrange casket flowers
  • Offer a book of remembrance, service sheets, photo presentations
  • Arrange catering
  • Cover the Bay of Plenty region


Important Things to Consider

There are some things you need to consider –  the cremation package must be right for your loved one and your family.

Sometimes the choices we make are simply financial. Bay Cremation Care is dedicated to creating low cost cremation options along with advice from industry experienced and qualified staff.

In helping the bereaved come to terms with the mortality of a loved one, a funeral

  • allows people to grieve openly with the support of family, friends and the community
  • is a good way to highlight a person’s achievements
  • allows friends, associations, clubs, organisations and work colleagues to pay their respects.

While it is important to carry out a loved one’s final wishes, every person grieves differently and it is important to consider how family members and friends will deal with their grief. An alternative low cost option when you choose a cremation, is to have a private gathering with family and friends or a memorial service at a later date.

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