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Fixed Price Farewell Packages available

What do the people living in our beautiful area say about funeral costs?

  • Why do funerals cost so much – what do we get for our money?”
  • Can’t I just be cremated without all the fuss?
  • We can’t afford a big funeral!

These and other similar remarks are what we have heard over the years and so have decided to do something about it.

Bay Cremation Care does just what it says. We are a proudly Tauranga owned and operated Funeral Company aimed at low-cost, professional, cremation services. The people behind Bay Cremation Care are all fully qualified Funeral Directors, Embalmers and Members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).

  • We are on your side
  • We care for you and your budget
  • No need to pay huge sums of money for a loved one’s funeral – we cut costs, not service
  • You and your loved one will looked after by caring and qualified professionals


Bay Cremation Care complete the same tasks as any funeral home, we:

  • Transport the deceased from the place of death to the Funeral Home
  • Offer a choice of either burial or cremation
  • Offer embalming by qualified and registered embalmers
  • Provide a 24 hour service
  • Provide a hearse to transport the deceased to the funeral
  • Organise legal paperwork
  • Offer a range of caskets
  • Facilitate viewing of the deceased
  • Place funeral notices
  • Arrange casket flowers
  • Offer a book of remembrance, service sheets, photo presentations
  • Arrange catering
  • Cover the Bay of Plenty region


Important Things to Consider

There are some things you need to consider –  the cremation package must be right for your loved one and your family.

Sometimes the choices we make are simply financial. Bay Cremation Care is dedicated to creating low cost cremation options along with advice from industry experienced and qualified staff.

In helping the bereaved come to terms with the mortality of a loved one, a funeral

  • allows people to grieve openly with the support of family, friends and the community
  • is a good way to highlight a person’s achievements
  • allows friends, associations, clubs, organisations and work colleagues to pay their respects.

While it is important to carry out a loved one’s final wishes, every person grieves differently and it is important to consider how family members and friends will deal with their grief. An alternative low cost option when you choose a cremation, is to have a private gathering with family and friends or a memorial service at a later date.



Finding Affordable Funeral and Cremation Options in Tauranga

When it comes to making funeral and cremation arrangements for a loved one, the financial side of things shouldn’t be your focus. Losing someone you care about deeply is an incredibly painful and draining experience, and that’s before you get to the added stress of planning a funeral service that will honour the life of the person you are laying to rest. Unfortunately, finding a funeral home that offers the service affordably is much more easily said than done. Too often, families are left wondering how they are going to afford a funeral for their loved one or trying to manage the logistics of working with crematoriums, funeral homes, churches and cemeteries. Where is the relief that we all yearn to find in such a difficult time?


What Sets Bay Cremation Care Apart When It Comes to Planning a Funeral Service


At Bay Cremation Care, we are dedicated to providing options for anyone who has to plan an affordable funeral service. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones in a beautiful, respectful, memorable way, without worrying about undue financial strain. Here are some of the ways we make life easier for our clients:

  • We offer fixed price funerals. One of the challenges with planning a funeral is that there often isn’t much transparency around pricing. The average funeral home won’t advertise their pricing on their website, which, while it seems to represent decorum on its face, can make it more difficult for families to plan a funeral in the long run. At Bay Cremation Care, we are not only incredibly transparent about our pricing but also offer three tiers of fixed pricing for funerals. Check out our fixed price packages to determine which makes the most sense for you. Of course, we are also happy to work with you to customise something more personalised and specific and will always be forthright about the pricing on those services as well.

  • We take care of everything. We aren’t just a funeral parlour or just a crematorium. We try to take care of as many different aspects of your funeral service as we can because we know that planning across multiple venues or vendors can be difficult. We offer four funeral venues. We can provide cremation or embalmment services, where needed. We can work with you to pick out the right casket or urn. We are experienced funeral directors and can assist you in planning out every aspect of your event. We can even go through the process of registering the death of your loved one with the Department of Internal Affairs and securing an official New Zealand Death Certificate.
  • We can help you get assistance with funeral costs. While we do what we can to make low-cost funerals available to our clients, we know that some families still struggle to afford the various costs associated with funeral planning. There are several grant programs and assistance packages designed to help families pay for funerals if they cannot afford to do so themselves. If you believe you require financial assistance, we are happy to walk you through the available grant programs, assess your eligibility and assist you in applying for funding.


Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral and Cremation


So far, in this article, we’ve talked extensively about the stress and financial hardship that having to plan a funeral can leave on a family’s shoulders. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones in disarray when they pass, which is why pre-planning your own funeral home service can be such a thoughtful gesture. Just as estate planning is important to consider as you enter your twilight years, so too is thinking about the kind of funeral you want. If you are at this stage, we are happy to help. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Think about what you want. When you pass, your loved ones will want to put on a funeral celebration for you that honours who you were and how you would like to be laid to rest. One stressful part of funeral planning for families, often, is determining how best to honour their love one’s memory. By pre-arranging your own funeral—from cremation to venue to what the specific celebration will entail—you tell your loved ones precisely how you want to be remembered. Having this roadmap makes things much easier for the people you love after you are gone.


  • Sit down with us for a pre-planning meeting. We are happy to sit down with you and your family to discuss arrangements and possibilities for your funeral. We’ll discuss topics such as the type of funeral you’d prefer, whether you want to be cremated or buried, your style preference for a casket or urn, any specific choices for music or readings, the flowers you want at your funeral and more. We can hold these meetings on our premises, or we can come to your home to make matters more comfortable for you.
  • Consider pre-paying for your funeral. Thinking about finances and planning an affordable funeral can be extremely stressful for your loved ones after you’re gone. What if you could remove that burden by pre-paying for your own funeral right now? If this option appeals, we can work with you to create a pre-paid funeral plan through the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) Funeral Trust.

Why Trust Bay Cremation Care Regarding a Funeral in Tauranga?


Whether you are planning a funeral in Tauranga for yourself or a loved one, you deserve to know that you are working with someone will go out of their way to help you create a deeply affirming celebration of life. We are extraordinarily passionate about providing a detail-oriented, empathetic service to the individuals and families we serve, simply because we know how meaningful a funeral can be for providing closure and catharsis after a loss.

Contact us today to ask about our funeral home cremation packages or to learn more about the various services we offer.

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