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Urns are a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s ashes after their cremation service. Cremation urns for ashes can come in a range of colours, shapes, designs and materials. They tend to be made out of either stone, marble, glass, wood, metal or ceramic. Urns also come in various sizes, with different patterns on and in unique shapes. The choice of the urn can help the loved ones of the deceased to honour them, and their uniqueness. 

For those grieving, urns can play a personal role in their healing journey because the urn can act as a special reminder of the loved one whom they have lost. With this in mind, the urn can play a pivotal role in helping the griever to cope with their loss. Many people choose to keep the urn close by during the initial stages of grief as a way to feel closer to the deceased. 

Each person copes with grief in their unique way, meaning that there are no right or wrong ways for someone should cope. For many people, the urn can act as a comfortable reminder of the person they have lost.

Many people choose to place their urn in a special spot in their home. Usually, this is a spot where loved ones can come to talk or reminisce over the deceased. Other people choose to scatter the ashes in a special area, whether that be in a garden or a place significant to the deceased, and then keep the urn as a keepsake.

In general, urns act as a physical and symbolic reminder of the deceased, aiding friends and family to say goodbye peacefully. Selecting an urn for their loved one, allows the griever to add their touch to this goodbye. This helps to start the grieving process peacefully. Urns tend to be thought of as vessels for memories and healing.

Looking for cremation urns for ashes? If you need help finding a suitable casket or urn, here at Bay Cremation our funeral directors can help. Please take the time to let us know if you have any preferences or wishes for your loved one’s funeral, and we will help you find the right casket or urn to celebrate your loved one’s life and give them a suitable send-off. If you would like our assistance in selecting an urn for your deceased loved one or would like to arrange a meeting with one of our team to plan a funeral, please get in touch with us. Get in touch with us today.