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A funeral director will help to manage funeral arrangements, offering compassionate support to the loved ones of the deceased, as well as expert knowledge to help develop the funeral service. Here at Bay Cremation, our funeral home in Tauranga offers compassion and expertise.


Our funeral directors deal with clients who arrive in a deep emotional state of grief. This is why funeral directors need to be able to show empathy and compassion by imagining that they are in their client’s shoes. It is the duty of the funeral director to act professionally, approaching each client from a unique and appropriate perspective because each client will have different needs. It is important that funeral directors do not use the same approach for each client because they will all be coping with grief differently. Communication with clients is the key to building a trustworthy relationship.


A successful funeral takes careful planning from someone who has expert knowledge in the funeral industry. Funeral directors will be dealing with vulnerable clients who are putting their faith in them to deliver good service. It is essential that a funeral director can deliver the quality of service that the client deserves, regardless of their vulnerability. This high-quality service might include registering the death properly, answering any questions regarding burials and cremations, as well exploring the different funeral services available for the client and making it clear what is and isn’t included in the funeral costs.

A successful funeral director will be up to date on new developments in the funeral industry. This will involve frequently updating their pricing structures to fit market trends. It could also include maintaining good relationships with the local community. Funeral directors also need to carry a wide array of knowledge of different faiths and their rituals around death.

In need of a funeral home in Tauranga? Here at Bay Cremation Care, our funeral home in Tauranga is dedicated to offering affordable services to help you honour the life of your loved one. Founded in 2015 by Alistair Black, a Funeral Director and Embalmer with over 25 years of industry experience, we are a Tauranga-owned and operated company dedicated to offering you affordable, professional cremation services. Get in touch with us today.