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Managing funeral ceremonies can be very challenging. You will need to deal with the arrangement of the funeral, make sure all of the paperwork is filed correctly, and you will also need to figure out how to host a memorable farewell party. You don’t want to hold a fixed price farewell that feels generic, especially when you are saying goodbye to someone who was valued and loved. 

But, how do you arrange a farewell party that will stick in people’s minds for all the right reasons? This article will give you some ideas on how you could throw the perfect goodbye gathering with friends and family, so keep reading to learn more. 

What Is A Fixed Price Farewell?

Even though most people would love to put on a dream funeral ceremony for their beloved lost loved ones, the cost can quickly become an issue. However, the price does not always have to be sky-high to put on a dignified funeral service. When you choose to hold a fixed price farewell, you will get an arrangement of services for a set price.

At Bay Cremation Care, you have three affordable fixed price options to choose from, ranging from $2,300 to $4850 New Zealand dollars. While each choice comes with various services to help you properly say farewell to your deceased, we also provide optional extras. We want you to be able to host a good service for your loved one, so we are more than willing to tailor the ceremony to your wishes.

What Steps Can I Take To Make A Farewell Personal And Memorable?

So, how do you arrange a memorable farewell party? When it comes to funeral ceremonies, you do not have to restrain yourself to specific practices. Instead, farewell parties should be personal and special to the friends and family of the deceased so that they can remember the departed while celebrating their life at the same time.

Here are a few steps that you could take to organise the perfect farewell party.

1. Host The Party In A Special Place. First of all, you can choose a location for the ceremony that was special to the deceased. Being in an area that your passed loved one treasured can help you feel more connected to them, even if they are no longer around.

However, if you do not want to choose a particular area and would rather hold a fixed price funeral at another location, we have a list of venues that you can choose from.

2. Choose Decorations That Honour The Deceased. When you choose decorations or adornments for the farewell party, you can select ones that the deceased would have loved. For example, you could choose to use your loved one’s favourite colours or preferred colours.

After your fixed price farewell is embellished with decorations and things that the deceased enjoyed, everyone attending the event will be able to see these adornments and remember the deceased fondly.

3. Celebrate The Departed’s Life Through Stories And Memories. During the service, family and friends of the deceased could openly share fond memories and lovely stories about them. Reminiscing about the good times you shared can help quell your sadness and put a smile on everyone’s face.

4. Participate In A Special Activity To Honour The Deceased. There are many different activities you could participate in to honour your loved one creatively. For example, you could put together a display of your loved one’s items, have attendees of the event write down special memories to put into a collection or even play a game that the departed enjoyed.

By having a unique activity as a part of your farewell, you can create a special memory that will help everyone remember the service in a positive way.

5. Spend Time With Friends And Family To Remember The Departed Together. One of the most essential things about holding a memorable farewell party is to spend time with your friends and family who are dealing with the loss. Grieving a loved one is very difficult for most people, and remembering your lost loved one who can support and understand you can be a great comfort.

While you honour and remember the deceased through locations, items, memories and activities, you should support each other and remember that even though losing a loved one is hard; you can still relish the time you have together.

Who Can I Speak To About Funeral Arrangements?

If you are preparing to say goodbye to a lost loved one and wonder what the next steps you should take are, we can help. At Bay Cremation Care, we will listen to your wants and needs and assist you with your funeral arrangements.

If you would like to arrange a fixed price farewell or have any other questions you would like to speak to us about, please contact us at (07) 282 7922 to get in touch with our team.

At Bay Cremation Care, we aim to provide New Zealanders with excellent and affordable funeral services. Say goodbye to your deceased loved ones with dignity and love.