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Funeral Directors Tauranga

Professional and Caring Funeral Directors in Tauranga

Our professional and compassionate funeral directors in Tauranga provide exceptional support and farewell services to grieving families. We commit to creating low-cost cremation packages that our industry-experienced staff will tailor to your budget requirements and farewell wishes. Our professionals are members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand and maintain high standards of care and service.

What is the Purpose of Funeral Directors?

We can support you in making arrangements for the deceased including paperwork and organising a funeral service.

  • Transporting the body: We provide 24-hour service and will arrange for the transportation of the deceased to the funeral home. Our professional staff will offer you the choice of cremation or burial and will make the necessary arrangements according to your wishes. We provide embalming services by registered professionals and will take care of the body, transportation and paperwork.
  • Making funeral arrangements: Our staff know that organising a funeral may seem overwhelming which is why we provide a range of services and farewell options. Our professionals offer exceptional support and will guide you through the funeral arrangement process from organising legal paperwork to selecting caskets, placing notices, arranging catering and more.
  • Directing the funeral service: We ensure that your wishes are honoured and that the funeral service runs smoothly. We can arrange a service location, schedule a timeline, organise photo displays, print service sheets, manage flower deliveries and conduct the service so you can concentrate on celebrating the life of your loved one.

Our professionals can arrange death certificates and notify governmental departments.

What Sets Bay Cremation Care Apart Regarding Tauranga Funeral Directors?

We provide professional and empathetic service to ensure that you and your loved ones receive exceptional care during a time of bereavement.

  • Fixed farewell packages: We offer a range of farewell packages, including our economy, private, and family and friends options. We believe that every person and family is unique, which is why we have a range of optional extras so you can tailor the funeral to your requirements.
  • Exceptional service: We know that funeral arrangements can be difficult and financially stressful. For this reason, we provide a selection of low-cost cremation options with professional support so you and your family can say your farewells to a loved one the way you desire.
  • Qualified professionals: Our professionals are qualified embalmers and funeral directors with exceptional industry experience. We commit to providing compassionate care and funeral support for families who have lost a loved one.

Why Trust Bay Cremation Care Regarding Funeral Directors Service?

Our qualified embalmers and funeral directors provide exceptional professional and empathetic services during a difficult time for families. We commit to offering low-cost cremation packages and will guide you through the funeral process so you can celebrate the life of a loved one without the worry of forgetting essential details. Whether you require only cremation arrangements or assistance with funeral direction, we tailor our services to your individual situation and wishes. Contact our friendly and caring professionals for funeral assistance.

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